Enjoy your drink out of the ordinary

Time to raise your special designed glasses. Mouth blown with incredible unique designs MASQ, Owl, Electra, Kubik and Lucifer or more traditional crystal from the “into the wood” collection. Enjoy your drink out of the ordinary with these stunning and eye-catching glasses.

The MASQ collection boasts a modern and edgy design with its geometric shapes and angles. The Owl collection features handcrafted glasses with owl motifs, perfect for nature lovers. Electra is a futuristic collection of glasses that will transport you to another dimension, with its sleek and metallic design. Kubik is a collection of asymmetrical glasses that are both captivating and elegant, while the Lucifer collection offers a more Gothic aesthetic with its dark and mysterious designs.

If you prefer a more traditional look, the “Into the Wood” collection offers classic crystal glassware with a unique twist. The glasses are adorned with wooden elements, giving them a truly rustic and charming feel.

No matter which collection you choose, these glasses will bring a touch of sophistication and elevate your drinking experience to new heights. So go ahead, sip your favourite drink out of the ordinary and make a statement with these stunning glasses.

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