Bring the details of your sculpture to life…

The black wooden base serves as a sturdy foundation for this LED light 3D display stand. The base has a smooth surface that complements the elegance of the sculpture on top and creates an eye-catching contrast with the colorful lighting display.

The LED lights accentuate every minute detail of the sculpture, creating a stunning visual display that adds vibrancy and depth to the artwork. The lights are positioned strategically to highlight the most intricate features of the sculpture, making them come alive and stand out.

The colorful lighting display is a work of art in itself, using a combination of different colors to create an alluring and captivating ambiance. The colors blend seamlessly, creating an ethereal effect that is both mesmerizing and soothing to the eye.

Available in two sizes, this LED Light 3D display stand is versatile and can accommodate a range of sculptures, from small and intricate pieces to larger, more elaborate works of art. The stand is also easy to use and can be powered using a USB cable, making it convenient for both personal and professional settings.

Whether you are showcasing your prized sculpture in your home or displaying it in an art exhibition, this LED Light 3D display stand will take your artwork to the next level and bring every detail to life.

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