Our Designers team

Our Designers team

Our Designers Team

lead by Mats Jonasson

The first glassworks in Målerås was founded in 1890, initially producing mouth-blown window glass and medicine bottles. Excavation of the old works was completed in 2012, when old window glass and bottles were found. The existing works was built in 1917, but it has gradually been altered and added to.

The 1940s and 50s saw a change in the direction of production from medicine bottles to traditional stemware manufacturing, and marked a boom period for crystal and engraved glass. The tools and techniques developed in the early 1900s have been preserved and continue to be used today in glass production. 

Mouth Blown: Electra, Kubik and Strix

Meet our talented Designers…
Mats Jonasson Maleras Glassbruk

Mats Jonasson

Designer Ludvig Löfgren

Ludvig Löfgren

Designer erika-hoglund

Erika Höglund

Designer lina-lundberg

Lina Lundberg

Designer Robert Ljubez

Robert Ljubez

Designer morgan-persson

Morgan Persson

Designer anna-kraitz

Anna Kraitz

Designer mollie-albertsson

Mollie Albertsson

Designer Sara-Söderberg

Sara Söderberg

Designer markus-emilsson

Markus Emilsson

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