Wonderful Bald Eagle Miniature Clear Crystal

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Wonderful Bald Eagle Miniature

Wildlife Clear Crystal Sculpture

Rather than do their own fishing, Bald Eagles often go after other creatures’ catches. A Bald Eagle will harass a hunting Osprey until the smaller raptor drops its prey in mid-air, where the eagle swoops it up. A Bald Eagle may even snatch a fish directly out of an Osprey’s talons. Fishing mammals can also lose prey to Bald Eagle piracy. Eagles live for a very long time, averaging 25-40 years and they’ve been recorded at living longer.

Eagles also mate for life, so they can actually grow old together. To impress each other, both males and females court each other by soaring to high altitudes, locking talons and tumble or cartwheel towards the earth. They do this to determine the “fitness” of their mate. This sculpture of Wonderful Bald Eagle Miniature Clear is handmade in Sweden and signed on the bottom with engraved and sandblasted motif. Designed by Mats Jonasson in clear Swedish glass crystal, also available in this collection is the Wonderful Owlet Miniature. Art No 88124 – Glass bird of prey sculpture.

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