Two Bears fighting – Bear Fight Art Sculpture

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Two Bears Fighting Arctic Wildlife Clear Crystal Ltd Ed 299 Pcs – Bear Fight Art Sculpture

In the captivating realm of Arctic wildlife, a mesmerizing spectacle unfolds with the exquisite portrayal of two bears engaged in an intense confrontation. This remarkable creation, crafted with precision and artistry, captures the essence of their primal struggle, showcasing their unwavering determination and indomitable spirit. Limited to a mere 299 meticulously crafted pieces, this exclusive edition stands as a testament to the elusive beauty and raw power of these majestic creatures.

Bears, known for their awe-inspiring strength and commanding presence, utilize their remarkable communication skills to establish dominance over their adversaries. Though they rarely engage in physical combat, these extraordinary beings rely on the art of intimidation, employing calculated posturing and formidable displays to assert their authority. Within this limited edition collectible, expertly sculpted and etched in clear crystal, the intricacies of their posturing are meticulously captured, offering a captivating glimpse into their world.

This extraordinary piece serves as a poignant reminder of the delicate balance between strength and restraint, as these majestic bears demonstrate their innate ability to settle disputes without inflicting harm. Encased within the pristine clarity of the clear crystal, this artful representation immortalizes the grace and power of these Arctic wildlife icons, allowing connoisseurs of fine art to immerse themselves in the captivating allure of nature’s grandeur.

Own a piece of artistic brilliance that transcends boundaries and captures the essence of this awe-inspiring encounter. With only 299 pieces available worldwide, this limited edition treasure stands as a testament to the eternal allure of nature’s fiercest battles and the indelible imprint they leave on our collective imagination.

Art No 13306

Two Bears Fighting Arctic Wildlife Clear Cast crystal sculpture with engraved and sandblasted motif.
This sculpture is produced in a limited edition of 299 pcs only.

This Bear fight Art Sculpture is designed and signed by Mats Jonasson and handmade in Sweden
WxH=320×220 mms /12,5×8,5”.

Weight6.8 kg
Dimensions37 × 28 × 9 cm
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