The Famous Dalecarlian Horse 2 Colours

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Designed by : ROBERT LJUBEZ

Beautifully Swedish

The Famous Dalecarlian Horse


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The Famous Dalecarlian Horse

A Real Swedish Icon

Available in red or blue.

You’ve probably seen them on the internet in pictures related to Sweden. Or at every souvenir store when visiting Sweden. It’s the Dala horses. For some reason they have been one of the symbols of Sweden for a really long time. Ever since humans domesticated horses, they have been a valuable resource. They’re able to carry heavy things and have functioned as a form of transportation. This is why people highly respected horses, as without them, many things would have been impossible. So, besides their beautiful appearance, this is why horses have been an important motive in art throughout the history. Originally, Dala horses were made as toys for children to play with. They were produced in Dalarna region, in the central Sweden in small villages, where people lived surrounded by forests. This is where the name stems from. The toys gained popularity first in the region, but were also sold to other regions in Sweden. Earliest references to selling wooden horses are from the 15th century, so the tradition is pretty old. The horses have had slightly different forms, depending on who made it. Originally, the horses were not painted. Later inspired by furniture and other decorations, people started to paint the horses. The color red became the most popular one and it’s still the most common color today. Though other colors and different designs have also been available and still are. The different designs sometimes represent the district of origin.

Cast crystal sculpture with painted and sandblasted motif.
This sculpture of The Famous Dalecarlian Horse is handmade in Sweden and signed on the bottom.
Design Robert Ljubez
Alternative: Troll


Blue, Red

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