The Calm Owl Face – Aware

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Designed by : MATS JONASSON

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The Calm Owl Face – Aware

Owl Faces Medium

Nature is our source of inspiration

All owls have an upright posture and forward-facing eyes that give them binocular vision, just like humans. However, owls’ eyes are not spheres but are tubes that provide better depth perception and allow them to see prey from great distances. Up close, an owl’s vision is not as clear. Many owl species have asymmetrical ears with different sizes and different heights on their heads. This feature gives the birds superior hearing and the ability to pinpoint where the prey is, even if they can’t see it. Several owls species have ear tufts on their heads, but they aren’t ears at all. These tufts of feathers may indicate the bird’s mood, help keep it camouflaged by mimicking branches or leaves, or be used to show aggression or dominance. The flattened facial disk funnels sound to the bird’s ears and magnifies it as much as ten times to help the owl hear noises humans can’t detect. Different owls have different facial disk shapes, which can help identify owl species. Bony eye sockets support an owl’s eyes, and they cannot turn their eyes. Instead, owls rotate their heads up to 270 degrees (135 degrees to either side), but they cannot turn their heads all the way around. An owl has three eyelids: one for blinking, one for sleeping, and one for keeping the eye clean and healthy. The third eyelid is also called the nictitating membrane, and many other birds also have it, including other raptors and many ducks.

Cast crystal sculpture with painted and sandblasted motif.
Conscious of our environmental responsibilities, this sculpture has been hand-painted using organic colours.
To preserve the beautiful finish of the piece, do not use strong cleaning agents and keep it away from strong
direct sunlight.
This sculpture of the calm owl face is handmade in Sweden and signed.
Design Mats Jonasson
Colour of the calm owl face is Black and white

Art No 34105

Alternative: Eagle, Bullfinch, Oystercatcher, strix

Weight 1.25 kg
Dimensions 15 × 12 × 6 cm

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