Taurus Ltd Ed 49 Pcs – The Great Bull of Heaven Crystal Art

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Taurus Ltd Ed 49 Pcs

Crystal Art Sculpture 

Solid Oak Trophy Base

Mats Jonasson interpretation of The Great Bull of Heaven

The sign of Taurus is associated with several myths and bull worship from several ancient cultures. It was the first sign of the zodiac established among the Mesopotamians, who called it “The Great Bull of Heaven,” as it was the constellation through which the Sun rose on the vernal equinox at that time, that is the Early Bronze Age, from about 4000 BC to 1700 BC.

The Taurus Ltd Ed 49 Pcs Crystal Art Sculpture is a stunning piece of art that captures the essence of the zodiac sign. Mats Jonasson has beautifully interpreted The Great Bull of Heaven in this sculpture and has ensured that every detail is perfect. The crystal and iron construction gives the sculpture a unique, modern look that will add elegance and sophistication to any room.

The oak wooden trophy base adds a touch of nature and warmth to the sculpture, completing the design perfectly. Each piece is made by hand, ensuring that it is of the highest quality and that every detail is perfect. The limited edition of 49 pcs only adds to the exclusivity and value of this piece.

The colours of the sculpture, orange and yellow, represent the warm and vibrant personality of a Taurus. The sculpture, measuring 390 mms in height, 318 mms in width, and 208 mms in depth, is substantial and eye-catching. It will make a statement in any room and is perfect as a conversation piece.

The Taurus Ltd Ed 49 Pcs Crystal Art Sculpture is a beautiful representation of the zodiac sign and is a perfect gift for anyone born under the sign of Taurus. Its unique, modern design and limited edition status make it a valuable addition to any art collection.

W=318 mms / 12,5”
D=208 mms / 8,2”

Alternative: Ideo Ltd Ed,  Masq Ltd Ed,  Totem Ltd Ed 

Art No 68145

Weight7.6 kg
Dimensions33 × 29 × 12 cm
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