Strix the Blood Owl Tumbler Small Black

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Mouth Blown

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Strix the Blood Owl Tumbler Small in Black Crystal

Strix – The name in Greek means Owl

The strix is described as a large headed bird with transfixed eyes. A rapacious beak. A greyish white wings. And a hooked claws. This is the only thorough description of the strix in Classical literature. Elsewhere it is described as being dark-colored. There are several examples of the strix’s plumage.

They all said that it is used as an ingredient in magic. Horace wrote that the strix’s feathers are an ingredient in a love potion. Medea’s rejuvenating concoction which she boiled in a cauldron used the strix’s wings

This Strix the blood owl tumbler is Mouth blown with sandblasted motifs. It should always be washed by hand. This Strix the blood owl tumbler is handmade in Sweden. Design Mats Jonasson, Colour: Black.

Art No 42039

Volume: Small 16cl
Height Small=70mm

Alternative: Into the woods Tumbler Clear Crystal

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