Small Lazy Pig – Original Wildlife Clear Crystal Figurines

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12th Chinese Zodiac Sign

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Small Lazy Pig – Original Wildlife Clear Crystal Figurines

Pig symbolism is fascinating and varied. While most Western cultures understand pigs to be symbols of gluttony or slovenliness, some Eastern traditions connect the pig with good luck and prosperity. In China, for example, pigs are associated with status, wealth, prosperity, honesty, and virtue.

The pig was one of the very first animals to be domesticated in China and, as such, has come to be associated with domesticity, the home, and the success of the family. In fact, the Chinese symbol for the word “home” is a pictograph of a roof with a pig beneath it.

The Pig is very famous for its laziness, and it grows fastest among all the livestock due to its lack of activity. The Pig barely takes any exercise despite continually eating, let alone worrying or being overworked.

The Pig is also known for its dirtiness, which is largely due to spending all of its life in a pigsty, so it’s rather disgusting for men to see its living environment. The Pig symbolizes foolishness, laziness, greed, and ugliness due to the above-mentioned characteristics, and its name is always used in a derogatory manner in traditional Chinese culture.

The Pig seems docile due to having lost its original nature after being isolated from nature and tamed for such a long time. On the contrary, the wild boar is very violent and well-versed at striking violently; therefore, the Pig symbolizes marching fearlessly onward in the ancient Chinese culture.

Small Lazy Pig Clear Cast crystal sculpture with engraved and sandblasted motif. This sculpture of Small Lazy Pig, Pig Zodiac Sign is handmade in Sweden and signed on the bottom, Designed by Mats Jonasson in Clear Glass, Alternative: Wild Boar Running, Pig on the Grass.

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