Small Pig on the Grass Wildlife Clear Crystal Figurines

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Small Pig on the Grass

Original Wildlife Clear Crystal Sculpture Figurines. In the Disney cartoons, Piglet is very kindhearted, loves beautiful things like flowers, and prefers keeping things neat and tidy. He sometimes has an inferiority complex, although his friends think highly of him. However, he is often left performing tasks better suited to someone bigger and stronger, such as in several episodes of The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh or the 2011 film.

Original Wildlife Clear Crystal Sculpture Paperweight – Small Pig in the Grass, Baby Pig Figurines. Handmade in Sweden by renowned artist Mats Jonasson, this exquisite cast crystal sculpture features a beautifully engraved and sandblasted motif. With its clear color and intricate detailing, this signed piece captures the charm and grace of a small pig in the grass. Perfect as a collectible item or a unique addition to any desk or display.

Baby Pig Story: A pair of big brown eyes peek through the wooden fence in the barn. A young girl kneels in the hay and watches Mother Pig feed her new litter of piglets. The girl stays quiet. She counts the tiny tails — one, two, three . . . all the way up to nine.

The girl gets up and quietly moves around to the other side. Now the girl can see all of the piglets. They are all perfectly pink — except for the littlest one on the end. She has brown spots all over her body. This is the little girl’s favorite piglet. She calls her Baby Pig.

Art No 34277, Alternative: Wild Boar Running, Lazy Pig, Baby Pig and Monkey

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