Global Icons The Birdie Duo – Free Spirit

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Global Icons The Birdie Duo in Blue

Global Icons is a thing that is easily recognizable

The global iconography behind the Birdie Duo is its representation of nature, beauty, and the power of unity. In many cultures, birds symbolize freedom, growth, and new beginnings. With the birds perched together on the same branch, it represents the importance of togetherness and the ability to work together to achieve a common goal.

Furthermore, the blue crystal colour represents wisdom, loyalty, and trust. It is a calming colour that promotes a sense of peace and tranquillity, and it is said to stimulate creativity and enhance communication. The combination of the bird symbolism and the blue crystal creates a powerful symbol of strength, unity, and peace.  Overall, the Birdie Duo in blue crystal is a stunning piece that has a deep symbolic meaning and can serve as a powerful reminder to stay connected to nature, work together with others, and trust in the power of unity. This sculpture of global icons the birdie duo is handmade in Sweden and signed on the bottom. Designed by Mats Jonasson. Alternative: Dalecarlian Horse

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