Fine and Elegant Peacock

Fine and Elegant Peacock sculpture – Peafowl

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Designed by : MATS JONASSON

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Fine and Elegant Peacock sculpture

Males are called peacocks. Females are peahens and young are known as peachicks. This bird is one of the most recognizable birds in the world. The peafowl was declared the national bird of India because of its rich religious and legendary involvement in Indian traditions. Hindus consider this bird to be sacred because the god Kartikeya rides on its back. Legend also says the peafowl is able to charm snakes and addle their eggs. In Greek mythology, the peacock’s ornate train became a famous tail. The goddess Hera had a faithful servant named Argus. He had numerous eyes all over his body. When Hermes killed her watchful servant, Hera took Argus’s eyes and placed them on the tail of the peacock to honour his memory.

Cast crystal sculpture with painted and sandblasted motif.
The sculpture of Fine and Elegant Peacock is handmade in Sweden and signed on the bottom.
Design Ludvig Lofgren
Colour: Cerise

Art: 34161
WxH=145×145 mms / 5,5×5,5”

Alternative: Candle Holder

Weight1.3 kg
Dimensions20 × 18 × 7 cm

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  1. Mathew barnes

    Beautiful piece

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