Brave Kubik Large Tumbler in Clear Crystal

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Mouth Blown Tumbler

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Brave Kubik Large Tumbler in Clear Crystal

Drink out of the ordinary

The Brave Kubik Large Tumbler in Clear Crystal is a must-have for those who want to drink out of the ordinary. Made using a lathe blown glass technique, this tumbler is unique and beautiful. The glass is rotated on a metal blowpipe to ensure that it remains evenly spread when molten and that the additional elements added when hot are well aligned. This technique results in inconsistencies that make each piece unique.

One of the most skilled techniques used in making this tumbler is scissor cutting the rim. The top edge of the glass is reheated until pliable and then trimmed with metal scissors to produce a thick, rounded rim that is both beautiful and functional. With handmade glass, no two pieces are ever the same. Inconsistencies occur naturally, sometimes imperceptibly, which makes each piece unique.

If you’re looking for a handmade, high-quality mouth blown tumbler that is both beautiful and functional, look no further than this Kubik Tumbler in Clear Crystal. It has a volume of 40 cl is made in Sweden and signed by the designer, Mats Jonasson.

Art: 42015 – Volume 40 cl – H=125 mms / 5”.

Alternative: Strix the Blood Owl Tumbler in Black Crystal

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