Batzeba Love and Beauty

Batzeba Love and Beauty 2 colours


Designed by : MATS JONASSON

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Batzeba Love and Beauty

The symbol of love and beauty. In red or blue

Batzeba was a beautiful woman. She became pregnant after David saw her bathing on a rooftop and had her brought to him. David then ordered that Uriah her husband be moved to the front-line of a battle, where he was killed. David married the widowed Bathsheba.  

Cast crystal sculpture with painted and sandblasted motif.
These sculptures of Batzeba Love and Beauty are handmade in Sweden and signed.
Design Mats Jonasson
Colour: Red or Blue
WxH=80×180 mms / 3×7”

Alternative: Mazzai, Batzeba Gold


Blue, Red


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