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The price range for Mats Jonasson Crystals starts at £12 for any Miniature Clear Crystal

and goes to £1250 for an absolutely exquisite Crystal & Iron limited edition Masterpiece: TOTEM.

All our prices include a 60% discount.

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Maleras Gibraltar Online Shop

Fine Swedish Crystal Art.

Shop located at 19 Irish Town. With C21 office

Maleras Gibraltar Online Shop features around 100 different Swedish crystal sculptures by renowned Swedish crystal artist Mats Jonasson. Celebrated for his unique style and craftsmanship, Mats Jonasson creates stunning works of sculptural crystal inspired by wildlife, Norse Mythology and Nature. The sculptures in this Jonasson Swedish crystal collection include bear, lion, wolf and icons, to name a few. The unique Swedish Crystal Sculptures are crafted by artists in Sweden using the finest Swedish crystal. Our collection of Mats Jonasson Swedish Art Glass Sculptures feature a wide range of style to suit every taste. Mats Jonasson Crystals are renowned for their unique design and careful attention to detail.

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