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Cast Glass on the rock


A work of art glass sculpture, which is cast, starts life in the designer’s sketchbook. Then a model is made as a basis for the finished mould design, which is improved and polished at all stages and in every detail to reach perfection for casting. Before the hot crystal is poured into the finished cast, the mould has been heated to reduce temperature difference and, thus, thermal shock. All casting is done by hand and demands a high level of competence and knowledge about temperature and the behaviour of melted glass. Målerås Glasbruk uses an exclusive crystal recipe, which picks up reflected light and giving the glass that extra clarity and beauty. 

Beautifully Swedish hand made contemporary, modern and traditional form of art glass. 

Inspired by nature, created by Mats Jonasson, the master of detail.

Mats Jonasson was born in 1945, and he is the third generation of Master glass Craftsmen. He has developed new techniques for sandblasting glass and new ideas for designs with glass. Mats Jonnasson has been singular in capturing wildlife proportions into handmade crystal, and his feeling for shape, his accuracy of style and his detail is totally individual and has gained him recognition and reputation with collectors throughout the world.
Mats Jonasson
Master Designer
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