Beautifully Swedish hand made contemporary, modern and traditional form of crystal art glass. 

Inspired by nature, created by Mats Jonasson, the master of detail.

Maleras Glass Blower

In the melting pot the hot glass glitters and sparks and lights up the whole factory with a warm red glow. The glass blower gathers the melted glass on his pipe and, in the smoke from the wet wooden forms, blows the glass to perfection.

To become a master glassblower demands talent, education and many years of experience.Only then can the professional blower recreate the designer’s intentions and message to the world. In the Kingdom of Glass, glass-blowing is often a family affair, the skills being passed on through the generations and it is this continuity that guarantees that mouth blown glass objects continue to find new owners around the world.

Beautifully Swedish Crystal on the Rock of Gibraltar

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